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See Legend Cards - All Designs to view more designs.


​Our unique Legend Cards feature one of a kind illustrations and quotes from people we call Legends (the Guardian Angel card also features quotes about Angels). These people may not officially be canonised as Saints through the Roman Catholic Church, but we think they are on-par and as we say in New Zealand and Australia, "they are absolute Legends!"


- Shipping is included in the price (Australia and New Zealand only).

- There is limited stock on hand. The options that we have in stock are shown on this page.

- These cards are shipped from Aotearoa New Zealand.


- View all designs HERE (some designs are not currently in stock).


- Feel free to email a request if a Saint or Legend card you would like is not in stock and we can add it to our next print run. Jane can also create custom cards for a minimum order of 250 cards.


- Larger orders can be placed for one kind or can be split among multiple Legends or Saints. For example; 500 can be split into, 100 Rumi, 100 Nelson Mandela, 200 St Patrick, 100 St Therese. Ideal for schools, organisations, and shops. View all designs  + visit the FAQ - SHOP page for more info.


Much gratitude and joy

~ Jane




SIZE: 90mm x 55mm (Business Card Size)

DETAILS: Double Sided, Full Colour, Thick Glossy Finish on both sides.

ORIGIN: Designed (by designjane) + Printed in New Zealand or Australia

Legend Cards - In Stock

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