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Education Projects

Over the past couple of years I have been hearing a growing need within Catholic and Christian schools for religious education resources that include new modern art. It seems that Catholic schools around the world are looking for artwork that connects our young people and school staff (that happen to be part of a Catholic school community) with our God of today.

It has been a privilege to create artwork and illustrations digitally and by hand with paper, print, paint, canvas and fabric. Artwork is essentially story telling. I truly enjoy and have enjoyed working with Catholic school communities to tell their story while growing and sharing their charism. When I have the opportunity to work with Catholic schools to create new artwork, it is joyful and collaborative. I have found that if the artwork follows a particular process, then the artwork and entire process can be empowering while creating connection for staff and students (see Good Shepherd HP as an example).


I have also more recently been involved in a collaborative project called Books of the Bible Windows. This project has been collaborative and community based with a view to be used in religious education classrooms and Catholic schools. The modern Catholic Bible art poster has been created to look like stained glass. Just as we use the Bible to see through to wher God is present in our lives - the stained glass imagery can remind us that God is always shinning through in our lives. Learn more about this original modern stained glass Catholic Bible project + you are welcome to purchase prints via the Shop


I hope you connect with the projects shown in this section. I am always listening and open to new ideas, so please feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or requests...

~ Jane

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