Frequently Asked Questions (Art + Shop)

1. Where does my money go?
Funds generated from the sale of all products on this website go directly to the works of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart.
Our charitable works include projects in Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Papua New Guinea and East Timor.
Payment is made to the Trustees of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart. You will receive an invoice with GST and ABN # after you complete your purchase via credit card on this website or you will be invoiced separately for large prayer card orders (250+ cards).

2. Can I use this artwork for my school or parish or self?
All artwork is copyright. Please contact me (Jane)  for more information and to have a yarn about how you might like to use the artwork. Please do not reproduce in any way without permission.

​3. Are you available for hire as an Artist?
I am currently working full time. Therefore my time is limited. However, I am available part time (dependant on the project). Any funds received would go directly to the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart to help with ministries in Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, East Timor, Ireland, Scotland. Contact me (Jane) for more information. 

This website is a form of ministry, the purpose is to create connection with God today. I donate all the creativity, graphic design and illustration time completely free. 
~ Jane

4. Is my transaction secure?

For orders through payment will be through Stripe via credit card. Your purchase is completely secure. Your information will not be shared with anyone.
Orders of 250+ cards: Payment will be made to the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart - you will be invoiced from AU or ANZ. Just send me an 
email with any questions.

5. How much do large orders for prayer cards cost?
Card cost is worked out on a basis of how many you order. The more you order the cheaper they are per card. 
Please see all available designs for Prayer Cards under SHOP > 
Saint Cards - All designs + Legend Cards - All designs

Please see pricing below.

Note: Pricing below is for existing designs. For new illustrations / layouts / brand new card designs we require an order of at-least 500 cards for each new design. This covers time spent researching, creating the illustration of the Saint, the prayer, designing the cards, plus our admin costs.


250 cards = $250 NZD ($1 each) 

500 cards = $300 NZD (0.60 each)

750 cards = $380 NZD (0.51 each)

1000 cards = $400 NZD (0.40 each)

2000 cards = $550 NZD (0.28 each)



250 cards = $235 AUD   ($0.94 each)

500 cards = $285 AUD   (0.57 each)

750 cards = $365 AUD (0.48 each)

1000 cards = $380 AUD   (0.38 each)

2000 cards = $540 AUD   (0.27 each)

6. How much is shipping?
For orders made through the website Shipping is free to New Zealand and Australia. 

Shipping is included in the price (as above) for orders under 2000 cards.  

>> You can also view the Shipping and Returns page for more information. 

7. How long does it take for my order to ship?
- Most items in-stock will ship within about a week. But, please see the information shown on each item, as some speciality items do take longer.  

- Prayer Cards 250+: For larger prayer card orders of 250+ prayer cards the lead time is approximately 10 - 21 days.

- New designs: For new illustrations / new prayer card designs the lead time is about 3-8 weeks (including design, production and shipping).

8. Do you accept international orders?
Yes we do. Generally we ship for Australia and New Zealand. If there is an item you would like sent to another country just send me an email with what you would like to order and I will work out a cost / put it on the site.

9. What is your return, refund & privacy policy?
We do accept returns within 30 days for all purchases other than clearance Stock. Just send me (Jane) a message with any questions. 
>> View the Shipping and Returns page for more information. 

>> View the Privacy Policy for more information

10. Can I find your products in stores?
We're slowly making our way into stores and organisations. Such as the cafe at Mary MacKillop Place. If you are interested in having our products in your store or organisation then please contact me (Jane).

11. Colour information?
Actual colours may differ slightly from displayed images. (Based on monitor colour calibration). Product images not shown at actual size.

12. Do you sell out?
Yes we do. Some items will sell out. But for printing on demand orders (such as mugs) they are printed just for you. Feel free to get in touch with any questions...

We thank you very much for supporting our charitable works.
~ Jane