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Saint Story

TITLE: Saint Story  [ Mary MacKillop ]   ||   ​GENRE: Children’s Fiction, History, Christianity, Based on a True Story.
FORMAT: eBook [ 38 pages ]   ||   PUBLISHED: 23 June 2017   ||   AGE: 8 years+   ||   Price: Absolutely FREE


1. Click on the Books logo above (it will open a iTunes link to purchase the book). 

​2. Purchase the book. 

3. Find the ‘Books’ app on your iPad (Books is standard with every iPad).

4. Open Books app and your ‘Saint Story’ eBook should be there.

Download Saint Story
Saint Story ebook

“The small E-book is filled with interesting information about the life of Saint Mary MacKillop and the personal journey of growth she embarked on. The illustrations assist the book greatly, including the extra devices available, helping the audience understand the journey that the Mary went through, while she demonstrated and lived out her beliefs.”
Erin  [ Age: 16 - Australia ]

“A delightful bright and happy book about Australia’s first saint; Mary MacKillop. When reading the book, it’s like you are there with her in her story. You are introduced to characters in her story and they bought to life in an engaging way. A must read for all ages.”
Sr. Rita Malavisi rsj  [ Australia ]


Learn about the life of our first Australian Saint: Saint Mary of the cross MacKillop had a pet cow, was thrown out of the Church, traveled to Rome on her own and had many adventures. 'Saint Story' is based on historical events and told from the perspective of Saint Mary MacKillop.

- This book is now free for download on
Apple Books

- Enjoy learning about Mary's amazing life!
- Find interactive icons on the pages to see photographs and information about Saint Mary and some of her friends (Interactivity for  Apple Books only).
- Original fresh illustrations.
​- Includes a two page spread full of historical quotes from Saint Mary.

Welcome to your new adventure with Saint Mary...

- Learn more about the story behind Saint Story - 
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