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Connection (E-Newsletter)

In 2019 a couple of people asked me about sending out a regular e-newsletter. At that time I had also just read an article about how an e-newsletter can create consistency and connection. I prayed and figured; I'll give this e-newsletter thing a try and see where the wind takes it...

The email was successful and I continue to learn a lot with each email I sent out. The email was originally called News Flash, but after listening to much-appreciated feedback and with contemplation, the name was changed to Connection. Due to ministry commitments, I aim to send out the email every few months (depending on ministry and study commitments).

My hope is that Connection will bring us together in faith with our God of today; spreading connection, truth, goodness and beauty. Thank you also for the feedback and positive encouragement. Please get in touch with any constructive feedback or suggestions. 

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> Note: After signing up be sure to check your spam folder, sometimes new sign-ups go to spam.

The e-newsletter was previously called 'News Flash' (as shown below)

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