The Eleos Way

Just before lockdown in New Zealand (Tuesday 17th August), I was approached by a young woman who was due to give a presentation to various high school RE classes. She needed support and needed help in the form of an image that could accompany her presentation. The Gospel passage she was researching and reflecting on is known as The Woman Caught in Adultery (Jn 7:53 - 8:11).

My word to reflect on during lockdown has been awarded to Paciencia (Patience). With prayer and paciencia I felt a pull to create an image to help her. This passage is one that I've wanted to create a modern interpretation of for some time. And I imagine this particular passage is one that we can all identify with (during lockdown I have been hearing that many people are struggling). With this time and this passage in my heart, I am aware that I certainly need Jesus and his compassionate love now more than ever. This passage reminds me to walk as Jesus did; with compassion, patience, love and inclusion. We can also link this type of love with the Greek Goddess known as Eleos.

Through the process of creating this piece I kept coming back to the patience and compassionate love that Jesus and our triune God has for us all. I hope you may enjoy discovering the details through the story of the image (be sure to check out the street signs). The illustration effect I have used is commonly known as engraving. Even though I may not be using the original engraving technique / process the end result is close to the original form. I have used pen, pencil and digital illustration. This particular style does indeed require much paciencia!

This piece was created with love to help another, I hope the image may remind us of the never ending love our God has for us, no matter what may we always remember Jesus' words to "go on your way..." - on the Eleos Way.

Some questions for reflection:

Where do you see yourself in the image?

What is Jesus saying to you? Or to your community // family?

What is the hardest part of image for you to gaze upon? Why?

Who would you like to chat with in the image?

Much love, prayer and paciencia

~ Jane

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