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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I struggle to put my feelings into words with the toxicity of racial inequality that we have being seeing in the USA(and beyond). So... I created the sketch below as my little way of putting some healing and solidarity out into the world through art. There is also a black lines version (no colour) that you can print out or download and colour in for free. Perfect as a prayerful mediation. Download the image via the Colouring In page, plus view the resources below.

Blue because we all cry.

Red because we all bleed.

Black because all black lives matter.

White because we all need peace.



> Choosing to put out love (Prof. Cornel West / Anderson Cooper)

> 13th (Documentary - 100% must watch)

>@scarecrowbar (Powerful Cartoon )

> More to come...


Teach us, God, to treasure the differences that distinguish one person from another.

Open our hearts to the radiance that shines forth from every human soul.

Open our ears to the cries of all who are in need of our assistance.

Give us the courage to combat prejudice and intolerance wherever they exist.

Teach us to see each other through your eyes, where all people are equally loved, equally precious.

Inspire us to expertly support out students through their process of growth and through times of transition and change.


Bless us all, God, with compassion, with kindness, and with peace.


~ Rabbi Naomi Levy


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