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These unique Legend Cards feature one of a kind  illustrations. They can be reminder that we all have the power to be legendary. There are quotes on the back of each card. Perfect to keep for yourself or pass out to adults & children. The existing designs can easily be printed in larger numbers or we can create cards for other inspirational people; perhaps someone who would fit with your school, business or organisation?   Feel free to email a request.

For existing designs:
When you are ready to place an order we (myself and a representative of the Sisters of St Joseph) can arrange larger print orders of 500 or more. The orders of 500 or more can be split among multiple 
Legends or Saints for existing designs. For example; 2000 could be split into: 100 St Monica, 500 St Mary, 500 St Patrick, 100 St Therese, 300 Gandhi, 500 St John. Changing the prayers on the back of the cards or customising them for your school is also very easy. This is ideal for schools, organisations, and shops. 
See 'FAQ SHOP' page for pricing and more info, plus view all Legend cards in stock.

For new illustrations / card designs:
Our illustrations do take time to create, therefore we require an order of at-least 500 cards for each new design. This covers time spent researching, creating the illustration, the prayer, designing the cards, time liaising with our printer, plus our admin costs.

Look forward to hearing from you...
- Jane

SIZE: 90mm x 55mm (Business Card Size)  
DETAILS: Double Sided, Full Colour, Thick Glossy Finish on both sides.
ORIGIN: Designed (by 
designjane) + Printed in New Zealand or Australia
ALL ARTWORK: © Copyright 2020. Contact 
Jane with requests. Thanks for not using our images without permission. 

​- Amelia Earhart
- Ada Lovelace
- Catherine McAuley (Venerable)
- Christina Noble
- Dalai Lama
- Sir Edmund Hilary

- Fr. Francis Douglas
- Guardian Angel
- Ginn Fourie
- Guru Nanak
- Bishop Pompallier
- Rumi
- Julian Tenison Woods

​- Maya Angelou
- Gandhi
- Magic Johnson
- Malala Yousafzai
- Nelson Mandela
- Suzanne Aubert
- Wangari Maatha

All proceeds of designjane.com help fund the charitable works of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart

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