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Church Sketches - Catholic Diocese of Auckland

I was hired in 2013 to create a pencil sketch of a church in Parnell, Auckland. At the time I also noticed that there were no decent sketches of the four churches within the central Auckland Diocese. So, inspiration and my passion for sketching paired with the challenge of these buildings led me to create these sketches from there.

These sketches were created by firstly taking a series of photos, then  using my imagination to piece together the building structure.
As you will see from the photos below, some of the buildings were obstructed. It was certainly a creative mission. Firstly I focused on getting the best perspective (four Sketches were completed as a series/a set for the Auckland Diocese, so the perspective needed to be similar for all four). I also used the same paper, pencils and sketch style for all to ensure consistency.

The Cathedral became a bit of a muse (that's why there are three extra sketches). In 2014 I also completed a sketch of an old building which was once a convent for the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart.  This will be used as a historical record. As one door opened, many more openings followed... 

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