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Catholic Pioneers Posters & Bookmarks - NCRS

In 2023 I had the privilege to create a new series of posters and bookmarks for NCRS. These are created to be used in schools and beyond. The goal was to show students that they can be Catholic/Christian and still be scientists, writers, and/or spiritual pioneers.


By researching for this project, I discovered that throughout history, there have been an extraordinary amount of Catholic pioneers that have contributed enormously to progress in the world of science, literature and spirituality. To be honest, it was tough to narrow down the list to roughly five men and five women for each category. But we got there eventually. We also strived to use a variety of ethnicities and locations. 


- The bold colours and simple layout with black and white images are intended to attract, enliven and inspire hearts.

- The faces also have a filter over them to work with the graphics style used in the layout. This filter also ensures the details of the face are not the prominent focus — these pioneers are ordinary people (just like you and me).

- The figures are there as a reminder that anything is possible for all of us when Christ is our light. 

- The font used on the artwork follows guidelines I had set up pertaining to 3 separate groups of fonts that connect the phases of learning for the NCRS RE curriculum

The good news is that you can download the bookmarks and posters for free.

If there are others you would like added to the list then please let NCRS know: See the Google Form (Scan QR code on bookmarks/posters)

I hope these inspire and connect. Faith, science and literature are not separate but united. I wonder who will emerge as our pioneers in the future?

~ Jane 

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> All links to download the bookmarks and posters for free are in this folder.

> Learn more about NCRS HERE.

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