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To Tātou Whakapono Our Faith (RE Curriculum - NCRS)

Over the past year I’ve been very fortunate to be in ministry with the NCRS (National Centre for Religious Studies) team part time. One of the major projects we have been working on has been creating the new RE curriculum document To Tātou Whakapono Our Faith. This will be used by all Catholic schools in Aotearoa New Zealand. The document has been the result of many minds, experiences, knowledge, cultural collaboration, discernment, prayer and dare I say it - providence to come to production. 


Design wise, this project started like any design project should—Listening first. Not only initially but all throughout all phases of the design process. With listening I was able to focus on the classic three W’s which directed the design.

Why are we doing it?

Who is it for?

What do we want to produce?


Some design points:

- The design focused on visually telling the story of the text, without taking over the text. 

- The design was created to honour our Aotearoa New Zealand indigenous Maori culture and traditions, plus be inclusive for all in a multi-cultural society.  - Creation of visual identity and visual elements to be used within the document that tell the story. These elements will also be used in future materials: work sheets, posters, web content and the list goes on. My work with NCRS will be ongoing, with projects like this is a 'big picture' approach to design that will create consistency and communicate a clear message / story in a visual way.

- Visual elements include: Colour, icons, fonts, graphic details, image frames, photography. 

- Elements were used for: One overall colour scheme and logo, Four Themes, Five Cross Themes, Eight Phases of Learning.​

- The continuous line Illustration style chosen as an inclusive illustration style.

> Take a look at some of the designs, illustrations and examples of the page layout below.

> Learn more about NCRS and download the full document HERE.

I hope this document is helpful to schools. We will be working on resources and other materials over the coming months and probably years. May these resources and community continue to connect us all to our God—not by living my faith but living OUR faith.


~ Jane

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> Download the full document and learn more about NCRS HERE.

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