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Joseph of the Journey

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I feel like I just keep falling" - *sigh, droops shoulders*

How would you react if you heard these words? ​When these vulnerable words recently burst forth from the teary lips of a woman, my heart connected to hers. I found myself in a liminal space, speechless, and present. Then, after some time it hit me, and I said to her: “What do you think, when we fall, this falling delivers us closer to God?” And what do you think?

As I’ve been listening this past month, I have been reflecting on St Joseph, our congregation's patron (19th March feast day). Through listening, those seven vulnerable wordshave really stayed with me. I've been wondering, did Joseph feel like he fell too? How did his struggles lead him to transformation? Did he ever say to Mary "I just kept falling"?

I began imagining Joseph today and remembered that old saying; "To be a saint is not to be perfect, but to be a saint is to progress." I get the feeling Joseph would have liked challenge, progression, finding joy and perhaps today would be drawn to non-traditional sports? In his time he was essentially a rebel, he knew fear but chose love. I imagine God as I do our St Joseph - ever present, gentle, patient and most importantly truly kind. And I imagine God with us when we fall, companioning us, as we slowly transform like caterpillars to butterflies. When I picture Joseph today, maybe he would be a Dad down at the skatepark companioning Jesus.

But who do you see or hear in the image, is Jesus the adult in this picture or is Joseph? What grabs your attention?

I hope this image connects you to our God of vulnerability, companionship and transformation. This lent I hope I may remember to let go more deeply into the unknown wilderness and to trust our God of the journey. I hope you do too. May we fall, beginning like caterpillars, trusting with kindness and eventually transforming anew.

St Joseph, pray with us...


"God is longing for us. We are longing.

Come, let us be led by the Spirit into the wilderness.

Easter Hope awaits." ~ Sr. Maria Cimperman, RSCJ


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