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Mascot Character Illustrations - MSJ Milperra

While employed at Mount St Joseph Milperra (MSJ) I was approached by our house co-ordinators in 2018 to create a set of mascot illustrations for our six houses. The brief was simple "they need to be cute and fierce" - o boy!
The animals, colours and names were already chosen but the over the years there has never been consistent character illustrations of these mascots.

As with any project I listened before I created. Getting information from those in need and really learning about the story behind the mascots and what they were looking for was essential.
WHY did these need to be created?  
WHAT will they be used for?
For example; knowing how the mascot illustrations will be used helped me to understand how big or small they may need to be reproduced.

Next I searched, found illustrations of various animals and characters, narrowed down an illustration style, talked with the house co-ordinators, students and staff. Hand sketches were then created and worked into digital form through a drawing tablet, Adobe Illustrator, a lot of patience, back, forth and time. 
When the final product was agreed upon a guidelines file was created showing all the information including colours and size restrictions for printers (some examples of those pages are shown below). 

All in all we are very happy with the results, I am grateful to be trusted with this project - it was fun!
We look forward to our new mascot friends developing in their new home at MSJ over the years to come...