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Line Drawings + Patterns

Line drawing illustrations have been created for several clients for a wide range of uses, from clothing to in-store layouts, school uniforms, to medical drawings. The drawings often needed to be set up at actual size with dimensions and colour info for the factory to interpret them correctly. Flat artwork was often supplied with 3D illustrations. Most illustrations were 'vector' based, this allows you to up and downsize the artwork and not lose quality.

Patterns come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. A large part of my graphic design experience was based in the garment and packaging industries. Because of this I was fortunate enough to have been able to create a large amount of seamless pattern repeats. This sampling of pattern designs was created for several clients over the past two decades. Patterns created were used on; fabric, print, signage, web, and a wide variety of marketing materials.

I hope you enjoy a small selection of some line drawings below.

~ Jane 

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