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Character Development - Gozo Bonkers

GozoBonkers.jpg was created as an experiment, a new way of creative giving in 2012. 
I originally created a character called Cannzu, had some merchandise made, tested things out. I also saw a need for some joyful, colourful prayer cards - the only ones I could find were depressing and very pious. In order to capture joy and foster connection and inclusion I created bright, fun and welcoming illustrations. The good news is that the cartoon
 Saint Cards took off like wild fire and became very popular. They have been shipped around the world and all cards are still developing. I have close to 30 designs completed, and counting.  In 2016/17 I also created a new series called Legend cards. These were launched as part of a free 'Saints & legends' App. Due to costing and time restraints from the App was taken down after about 3 years. 

The first Gozo Bonkers  eBook titled 'Saint Story' was created and launched in mid 2017. This was also the first eBook for children on Mary MacKillop. For more information check out the eBook page.

Due to time restrictions, in August 2018  I came to the well discerned decision  that I needed to wrap up Gozo Bonkers as a seperate company. The prayer cards are now offered for sale through the SHOP and have graphic resources for free through the Resources section (under the main menu). 

I’m hoping that the little things that I do will help to spread God's all-inclusive love, joy, prayer and equality. Plus who knows, I may just inspire others to do the same... 

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