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Packaging + Illustrations - Essenza Coffee

Essenza is an amazing coffee company located in the Waikato (region of Aotearoa New Zealand). When Essenza got in touch their colour scheme, graphics, labelling and general branding needed to be improved big time. The product is simply amazing // very high quality—so, the branding and graphics needed to match and enhance that. I first identified the target market and scope of the project. Then worked through various design options and graphic choices. We identified and created the graphic elements and then broke down a perfect colour scheme.

Firstly the re-brand started with labelling, stationary and signage The labels were a bit tricky:
– The labels needed to work for 2 bag sizes.
– The design was created to enhance // work well with the bag shapes
– Synthetic stock was used (will not rip and is waterproof)
– Matte Laminate applied to match the bag finish
– Metallic silver is used to enhance the quality look and feel of the coffee and brand
– Pattern // new graphic elements and colours incorporated
– Most of the sales are for one blend. However, the crew at Essenza also produce other varieties of coffee + hot chocolate. They also supply coffee in various grinds.
Printing all these variations would be very expensive. So, we got our thinking caps on…
We decided to print one main label, and then print the other varieties separately. Plus a colour system was set up for the entire range. Each type was given a graphic element to help identify the blend. So, by having separate small labels the team can apply the various blends as they are ordered over the top of the main label – nice!

~ Jane

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