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Packaging + Illustrations - Coasters

When creating Graphic Design based projects it’s wonderful to be able to combine digital with hand drawn and achieve amazing results that look authentic.
The beautiful flora and fauna in Aotearoa New Zealand are in abundance, especially the Silver Fern. For this project the client wanted the illustrations // coasters to focus on the tourist market in New Zealand. We found that a natural sketchy look was unique and would work well for the product and for the manufacturing process.

- The growth of the fern was also important so the hand-drawn illustrations focused on the life stages of the Silver Fern and showed growth. Other NZ elements and native birds were also created for other coaster box sets.
- Most of the illustrations were hand sketched and then scanned and reworked in Adobe Illustrator.
- The packaging was designed to show a lot of the glass, therefore, inviting customers in (this also dramatically increased sales).
- The box was also designed to fold into itself, this eliminated glue and therefore production was much better for the environment!

The product sold very well, and it was a great experience to create work on this product and packaging

~ Jane

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