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Illustration + Label  - Cider Life 

A new brand was created for an Aotearoa New Zealand cider vinegar company based in Rangiora. The brand ‘Ciderlife’ needed a new logo, brand guidelines and labels for organic and non-organic cider vinegar.

It's important to always consider why the design is being created.
When focusing on why the logo and labels were being created some key things the client wanted to promote were:
– Organic, natural properties
– Local, Down to earth, ‘Orchard to you’ messages
– Quality + Organic and Non-Organic
– General ingredients/properties of the product

- The colours used were chosen to promote the ‘natural’ qualities of the product. The product colour was also considered. Strong simple colours help to create a solid brand image. They were kept simple to ensure they would work well with the print process. The logo was designed to be striking, relate to the product and company, have longevity, be able to be reproduced large/small and be used across a variety of media.
- Custom illustrations were designed to emphasise the ‘orchard to you’ process & properties of the product.
- Organic labelling standards were followed and ensured that the label met all necessary standards.
- The printer was involved early in the process to ensure costs were kept reasonable and all expectations were met.
>> The end result is a happy client and happy designer! 

~ Jane 

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