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Character Illustration - Tuatara

Tuatara Covers was a brand that produced custom iPhone covers. It's an amazing use of technology and is based in New Zealand.
1. The design team for Tuatara Covers needed help creating a series of character icons to promote qualities of their new product. The illustrations will be used on packaging and other promotional material.
2. We discussed the illustration style, how it would be used, amount of detail, cost, timing etc.
3. designjane hand sketched design options until we were all happy.
4. Next the character sketches were scanned, digitally created and colored.
5. The illustration is set-up in vector format to allow the client to use the character in many sizes and not loose quality + this format also reduces file size.

​Some images that I am very grateful to have developed and produced are shown below.

~ Jane 

Character - Tuatara
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