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Character Illustration + Branding - Milking on the Moove 

Glen Herud is a fresh foreword thinking Kiwi with an amazing concept. Glen needed help visually communicating his concept: Milking on the Moove is basically a mobile milking system. It has many benefits such as reducing environmental impact from dairy cows + also reducing cost for farmers.

- He needed a relevant branding package created. This included Logo, Fonts, Colours, illustrations and brand guidelines. These elements needed to promote the product // the style needed to be relevant and be attractive to the desired target market. When creating a branding package it’s important to consider all uses and ensure that it can be used across a variety of media.
- Elements of the logo needed to also incorporate the message, so a cow illustration was used and movement in the logo was shown. Colours were chosen to suit the industry, but be forward thinking (a little bright) + promote a sense of trust by not being too ‘out there’ (blue is a great ‘trust’ colour).
- The illustrations were created to help describe the process & be used in future slideshow presentations + print media. In-order for them to be cost effective the style was kept bold and simple (less detail = quicker illustrations = cost effective).


It was wonderful to create this character and develop branding and identity for milking on the moove.

~ Jane 

Cow Illustration and Branding for Milking on the Moove
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