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Work in Progress

For the last 5 months I have been working on a massive project. Basically it’s going to be a visualisation of the books of the bible. The artwork will use two forms of illustration. Traditional etching lines for the frame and outer details that will house 12 stained glass windows. The 12 glass window shapes will be illustrated, and coloured in a stained glass window gothic style.

I have been working with theologians, and biblical experts. As this project has evolved I somehow continue to say a joyful yes to this need (gulp). I hope to complete the work within further two months and offer it as a resource(print or download) for schools, parishes and anyone who may want to experience beauty, truth and goodness visualising life through the Word of God.

I would love any feedback from teachers regarding what you may struggle with when communicating the Word to students or what you may struggle with yourself when grasping the entirety of the bible. Feel free to get in touch via twitter, instagram, or the contact form.

For this post I just have a cropped work in progress below. I still have details to refine, symbols to add and colour to the glass panels. I will also be adding more images soon via social media.

Your prayers would be hugely appreciated—we need them to bring this project to fullness of life.

More in God's time. Love and prayer

~ Jane

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