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Trust God

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

On the front of St Mary MacKillop's tomb three words boldly and significantly remind us to Trust in God. There is immense depth in these three words, but i'll be honest - I find that sometimes I can misplace these crucial words as the so called rollercoaster of life chugs along its merry way at sporadic speeds. Many times I catch myself... "doh, I'm worrying into the future again!"

Recently I was listening to a women who is struggling with a transition in her life. As we concluded I simply said that what helps me is to remember; "all we have is the now, today, and everything else is imaginary." Upon reflection in my examen prayer that night I realised that trust in God is the crucial heart space that helps me to remain in the present moment. These three words are something that I continue to come back to time and time again.

Trust in God is a place where I find home, where I find peace, and where the root of my joy lives. ​Sure, it's a work in progress with many 'epic fail' moments. But I know that God is with me / us in our fails and triumphs, I hope that by sharing this it may pass on a simple reminder that God is always with us all, now, today.

"Trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be" St Teresa of Avila

Quotes are powerful reminders too, I've seen some great quote graphics recently. So, when a friend text me this timely providential reminder all the way from the USA this month, I was inspired to bring St Teresa of Avila to life. If I trust in God, God lifts me up in love and takes me places that can only be gained through trust. Trust in God gives peace. Be sure to watch the 30 second video showing the process of creating the sketch. And please let me know by commenting on this post if there are any quotes you would like made into a graphic or a cartoon Saint too? I pray this image may lift you up too... happy travels! Much peace, trust and joy ~Jane News Flash for July >> HERE



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