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"Be Kind..." - Happy Feast Day

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Kindness was one of our Mary MacKillop’s best known virtues. We can see this alive in what other people have said about her, in her actions and in her writings she often mentions kindness…

Charity of heart thinks no ill of anyone, is ever on the alert to prevent unkind thoughts, loves to make others happy, and will not be stayed from uttering a kind word, or performing a kind act. (In Meditation on Charity June 1870 - Mary’s audience with Pope Pius IX, 1873).


Put kind constructions where you can, and where you cannot, be silent. (1878)


Try always to be generous. (1882) -

There must be gentleness towards the erring of others. (1871) -

Bear with one another, help one another. (1873) -

Let us show love in our acts, bearing with one another. Forgiving and forgetting. (1890)


Always remember to love one another. (1888)


As Josephites (all those living the Josephite charism) we have a special love for those that are marginalised, experiencing poverty or excluded. On this feast day I wonder if we might honour and remember our Saint Mary MacKillop’s kindness; especially remembering and honouring those that are excluded, marginalised and are known as refugees today.

In a letter mary wrote to Sister Josephine McMullen in Rockhampton, Queensland (1875) she refers to the kindness, humility and love that was needed within the Josephite community at the time. Mary wanted to grow kindness - not a spirit of fear but of love for all, she writes: “Be then careful, my own darling, and get them all to love you, but not to fear.”

She goes on to later in the letter to also discuss clergy and those outside of the Josephite community at the time… “Be kind to the poor foreigners; remember that I was a foreigner once and as such was never laughed at, nor unkindly criticised.”

I hope this images connects us to all excluded, and especially people travelling as refugees today. May we remember Saint Mary MacKillop's example, "be kind" and trust in our unconditionally loving God.

Much love and prayer

~ Jane


Free Resources to help us all celebrate:

> Google slides - perfect for assemblies or mass: HERE

> Images to colour in: HERE

> Mobile phone wallpaper of this new image + other images: HERE

> Get your 'Be Kind' T'shirt: HERE

> Discover more images of Mary: HERE

> Other resources from the Sydney Catholic Justice and Peace Office and the Josephite Justice Network (robustly exhorting the Australian Federal Government):

  1. To provide income support and a financial safety net for all people seeking asylum in Australia

  2. To end temporary protection visas and create a clear pathway to permanent residency

  3. To ensure access to family reunion for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia


A. Petition: A petition which we would be so grateful if you’d sign and pass on to family and friends: SIGN HERE

Once you’ve signed, perhaps share this petition with friends and family by forwarding this email or sharing on social media.

B. Email: Send the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs for Australia an email - Alex Hawke – so that Catholic voices across Australia can finally be heard in unison on the mistreatment of refugees and asylum seekers in our community.


C. Video: A video to inspire – youth expressing their opinions on Govt refugee and ASP policy and calling for change. Watch and share:

Mary Mackillop - "Be Kind..." - 1875



Press play to view a 30 second time-lapse video of the illustration


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